Day 289

Laugh Through The Crap


I guess the fact that it’s been 12 days since my last post is a good sign that I’m busy. Well in part that is true however the less glamorous side of the truth is that i had guts from hell all last week which pretty much rendered me useless… It all began on Tuesday when a trip to Cardiff had to be aborted half way round the Bristol ring road due to some unprecedented seismic activity in the nether regions. I won’t go into detail but let’s just say that a conventional air freshener wasn’t going to resolve the issue so a dart for home and damage limitation was the only option. Don’t get me wrong it was both frustrating and demoralising, however i found myself sat in the car laughing. I think i was laughing at how ridiculous it was, but then i was just laughing at the fact that i could now laugh about something like this at all. I suppose what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, but also what embarrasses you makes you less embarrassable (Edism), and i have certainly faced my fair share of embarrassing situations over the last 10 months. Although thankfully this particular situation was an isolated event, it happened to be the precursor to four days of toilet roulette and a temperature akin to your afternoon Americano.IMG_0622

Anyway i emerged from the other side of the toilette door just in time to welcome a few of the old Wasps guard down for the weekend. Its quite hard to explain but most rugby players will understand when i say that there’s something incredibly comforting about getting abused by your mates. It’s one of those strange things that you get so accustomed to that you actually miss it when its gone. I was asked only today how long it took after the injury before the piss taking started… Well put it this way, the first present i was brought in hospital by one of my mates, who knew full well i couldn’t move from the neck down, was some juggling balls. He dropped them on my chest and said ‘here you go pal, i thought seeing as you’re gonna be in here a while, you might as well learn a new skill.’…. Some may call that insensitive, i thought it was hilarious, and from that day on i realised the importance of being able to laugh through all the crap… a skill that evidently i carry forward to this day.

P.s. I’m still juggling.

P.p.s. Looking forward to Saturday at Old Deer Park for some more abuse.

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