Day 342

Scouting Snowdon

Do you ever just stop and wonder how the hell you’ve ended up on a cliff in Somerset with a banjo playing Welsh wrestler? No… just me then.

Wyn had just got back from a scouting trip (weekend away with the lads) in Snowdon, so we headed off to the mendips for a debrief and to do some training. The point was to cover some different terrain so we came to a place that we could experiment with some scrambling. After a tough section up through woods we emerged on to this cliff where Wyn took the chance to give Baz and I the low down.


Now Wyn speaks quite fast but within the first ten seconds of explanation i could make out the words; snow drift, ice, dangerous and search & rescue…. After prying further i discovered that the latter wasn’t actually deployed for him, however conditions at the top of the mountain at the moment are more Edmund Hillary than Edward Jackson. Obviously i would beg to differ… I bet Edmund Hillary had temperature sensation for a start… Even so, the fact is that it’s pretty harsh up there right now. Because of this i have decided to make shorts optional… You’re welcome.


A lot can change in a couple of weeks and we may well be sunbathing at the top but i urge everyone who’s joining us to come prepared for the elements… layers, waterproof walking boots, hip flasks etc. I would hate for anyone to have to turn back because their feet were wet, they got cold or they run out of whiskey! 🥃✌️

🔷9am meet llanberis car park🔷

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