Day 349


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So for those of you committed to making the trip to north Wales next weekend, i just wanted to say that the weather is ensuring it’s going to be cold, icey and bloody hard work. Luckily we all wanted that to happen because everyone knows that the harder the challenge the better the pint tastes after… (besides you’ve already said you’re doing it now so tough titties).

The Plan:


9am meet (ready to walk) at the llanberis car park (LL55 4TD). This is the main car park near the train station and will be our start point. The car park can get very busy during holiday periods so i advise people arrive with plenty of time. There are numurous other car parks around with public transport links to the llanberis car park which may be worth looking into depending on where you are staying. Look out for a bloke hobbling around in a red jacket when you arrive (that will be me).

The Walk

The plan is to follow the llanberis path up and down which totals 9 miles. Although it is the most popular of the main routes it is by no means basic, especially considering the conditions at the moment. If all goes to plan we aim to be up and down in about 6 hours. For those who require a slightly easier option the train should be running (weather permitting) but will terminate at the Clogwyn station about 3/4s of the way up.


Now i don’t want to scare anyone off however currently the summit is inaccessible for people without crampons…. That said, the weather is due to warm up a bit but we don’t expect the conditions to change drastically at the top of the mountain. Hopefully as it is bank holiday the llanberis path will be clearer. I realise not many people will own crampons and hopefully they wont be necessary but if you are adamment to make it to the summit and want to make sure you are prepared for all eventualities, you can hire them at . Obviously i am advising against trainers, and waterproofs + lots of layers/ hats/ gloves are a no-brainer. Also walking poles are very useful when its slippy and can double up as a spear if we get stuck up there and need to hunt for food…. (Wyn will probably have a rifle and an oven with him though so i’m sure we’ll be fine).


Everyone is welcome to stay and celebrate with us on Sunday night. We are congregating at the Black Boy Inn in Caernafon at about 7pm. They wouldn’t accept a food booking for a large party so we have booked a few individual tables. If you want to eat there you can try and book a table separately or alternatively eat somewhere else and join us after.


Thank you so much to everyone who has donated and of course those making the trip up to join us. It will be a great weekend whatever the weather and i’m looking forward to seeing everyone soon!!

P.s. One more week of fundraising to go… Please continue to help spread the word and hit that 8k mark!

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