Day 355



8km around Cheddar Gorge proved probably more challenging than first anticipated. Areas of deep mud and narrow climbs made for some tricky technical sections and reasonably slow going. Boulders and roots where continuously doing there best to trip me up. The benefit of having to concentrate on every step is that i rarely fall over, the problem is that it takes it out of you. That combination of strenuous physical activity and intense concentration is one that I’m used to with a background in sport, however a rugby match doesn’t last six hours…. The last time, in fact the only time that I have concentrated for that long was in 2012 watching the last day of the Ryder cup in bed. That day the consequences of a lapse in concentration only amounted to my beer going warm or a missed opportunity to shout ‘get in the hole’ in an American accent. Now, one wrong move could result in an injury and most importantly a set back in my recovery. I realise that falling over has become a regular and often amusing part of my life but clinically its probably not advisable so I try to at least make an effort not to.IMG_2530

@charliedavies9 aka #goproman joined us with his drone and the weather decided to behave for us. In fact more than behave, by midday it was a blistering 9 degrees… This was obviously way to hot for Big Baz who had to stop for a dip in a cattle trough to cool off, but it was perfect conditions to get the drone up. I overheard a few local farmers murmuring that it had to be Russian spies and I’m pretty sure one of them was off to get his shotgun, but fortunately Charlie got some decent footage before anyone took a pop at it….

So thats it then, all the big walks done before Sunday. I genuinely can’t wait for what I’m sure is going to be a great weekend + i don’t want to speak to soon but the weather isn’t looking too bad…(it is Wales though so just expect the worst).🤞

Thanks again to everyone who has donated and spread the word. Incas you didn’t notice @petebishop we’ve hit 10k 👀👙

See you all very soon!!! 🏔🏃🏼‍♂️🍻🕺

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