Day 370

Welcome to the Philippines

It’s been two years since I’ve been away for any length of time and after the last twelve months this holiday couldn’t have come soon enough

Destination – Malaysia and the Philippines
Duration – 14 days
Reason for visit – R & R
Weather – Sweaty
I am currently sat directly underneath an air conditioning unit wondering how the hell the gardener outside my room is wearing trousers when its 32 degrees and 80% humidity outside. If over time his genetics have acclimatised to deal with this sort of weather then mine have recently done the exact opposite. My new found inability to sweat from anywhere below the nipple line means that my body has lost 70% of its cooling efficiency in terms of surface area to perspire from. The thing is, the functioning 30% (nipples up) does its best to make up for it meaning that even a waft of warm air and I start to leak. Considering this, the decision to go on holiday in the tropics was a bold one to say the least. Thankfully there is usually a pool and a giant coconut handy to cool you down.

The temperature regulation is a challenge but it’s manageable and a small price to play considering how stunning this place appears to be. Im looking forward to spending the next two weeks switching off, eating lots of fish and ticking more stuff off that list of things I thought wouldn’t be possible again… Just because I’m away doesn’t mean that my rehab is going to take a back seat, in fact the decision to take a break was a team one. As i can now manage a lot of my own rehab, Pete, Kim and I have spent the last week exploring what I can be getting on with abroad and with the help of the trusty Lois and a suitcase full of equipment I’m confident no backward steps will be taken.. I’m looking forward to exploring ‘rehab on the go’ if you like, and just quietly I’m actually hoping that i can return home with some progress to report. We’re always looking for new angles to approach things from and I’m not sure if whale sharks have been used in spinal cord rehabilitation before but thats on the cards next week so ill report back and let you know if we’re on to something. ✌️

P.s. Is the nipple line a thing?

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