Day 438



My brother and I have been fishing with my dad since we were kids and every now an again we head off on a big adventure. Canada has often been the destination of choice and its not hard to see why. This vast nation isn’t only full of uninhabited wilderness, large predators and loads of fish but the Canadians themselves are straight out of the top draw.


After two and a half days and 4000 miles by plane, car and boat, we had arrived. Quite a long way to go fishing you might say, but these trips are about much more than a few fish. Theres a feeling thats hard to explain about being hundreds of miles from civilisation. Maybe its the clean air or the lack of any signal running through your body, whatever it is its certainly different and after my stag do in Ibiza definitely needed! 🀯


The cabins are situated on a vast body of water, dotted with islands, inlets and river mouths. Huge skies, blue water and white beaches by day, moonlit ripples, fireflies and a carpet of stars by night. Every morning you set off from camp to explore, fish and just spend the day in true wilderness, soaking up the serenity of real isolation, with only the bears, beavers, eagles and moose to keep you company. πŸ»πŸ¦…


In the future, when i need a distraction, i will write in more detail about one particular day that will stay with me for a long time, but in the mean time i will just say that being in that environment for any length of time seems to reset the soul. For want of a better word and in danger of sounding a bit hippy; I’ve come back feeling more peaceful, peaceful and ready for three hard weeks of rehab before the big day!! πŸ’


P.s. I reckon i might actually be turning a bit hippy.✌️😬

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