Day 510



I found this exert in the notes on my phone. I wrote it for a talk I gave at one of the clubs who had a problem with negativity at the time but it could relate to anyone, including myself now and again….


P.s. Apologies for the colourful language…


Enjoy yourself. I used to sap all the time, we all did. Training was too long, the coach is sh*t, he shouldn’t be playing, I’m too tired for this…..

Its all boll*cks….Tired is not having longer than 90 mins consecutive sleep for a month because you’re either choking, too hot from having a collar on or being re positioned by a team of nurses all night so you don’t get pressure sores. I know that now, I just wish I could have told my former self to man up now and again.


I used to spend too long focussing on all the things holding me back… an injury, selection, you name it I’d find something to get me down. Well now im just grateful that I can walk to the car.. Its amazing what a bit of perspective can do for you. On paper im technically worse off but actually im happier now than I ever have been just because my perspective has changed. For the first time I truly realise how lucky I was to be playing rugby for a living. You guys need to realise that too, never take it for granted… enjoy it but don’t let it define you, because one day it will be taken away, hopefully not for a while but it will come. And when it is taken away what are you left with….? I realised what I was left with when I looked around my hospital room everyday. My friends and my family. You could take my body away, my job away, my independence away but no one could take my friends and family away. Its your relationships that define you, that’s what’s important. Ye individuals may come and go but the strength of that group as a whole is what brings meaning to your life. Never underestimate that. Lifes too short to hold grudges or be judgemental. Be positive, be selfless and be kind… why? Because you can.


Always keep perspective ✌️

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