Day 533



You can probably tell by my face that I’ve always been pretty determined, or at least I thought I was… The thing that has surprised me more than anything else since the accident is how much further I can push myself mentally. I thought I was resilient back then but was I lying to myself or just not aware of my true limits?

How far pure determination will get you is debatable but it will certainly get you a lot further than you think. I was listening to a podcast with David Goggins the other day who is an ex navy seal, endurance athlete and clearly a very mentally tough guy. He was talking about the 40% rule, in which he said that people on average give up at 40% of their true limit. For example if you are in the gym, on the rowing machine, out for a run, whatever it may be, and you decide that you are going to give it everything, at what point do you stop, when do you tell yourself that you can’t go any further…  90, 95, 100%? Goggins argues that for most people its usually more like 40% and if you had a gun to your head and were made to keep going that you could at least go twice as far or twice as long. Obviously this is a generalisation and would vary from person to person but as a basic rule it’s become something that i like to keep in mind whilst i’m training, working, rehabbing.

Whether it be conscious or sub conscious I think we spend a lot of time lying to ourselves to avoid feeling guilty about not doing what we should. I know I’ve done it in the past and still struggle with it to a certain extent but I’m working on really taking responsibility for what goes on day to day in my life. No more i can’t do that or ill do it tomorrow. If you genuinely can’t do it then fine but theres no point lying to yourself about it because you will know deep down if you are and it will eat away at you. Based on this, just imagine how attainable it is to increase your productivity by 20%… not by spending that many more hours of your day committing to tasks but by applying yourself that much more when you do. Don’t settle for 40%, you’ll be surprised how much further you can go. 💪🏼✌️

P.s. Actually that is more of a ‘this is gonna hurt’ face. 😂

Goggins Pod

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