Day 560

Meeting the Mayor


One of my favourite things about this part of the world is that it’s socially acceptable to eat curry for breakfast. Chuck a few eggs on top and you’re set, with the added bonus that walking becomes easier. “How?” you ask. Well the chemical processes result in no one wanting to get too close in fear of burning their nostrils, and you become jet propelled! 💨 In hindsight probably not the best breakfast before going to meet the mayor!

We were ushered through from the waiting room into the mayors office and there was no mistaking what country we were in, giant Nepali flags and photos of Everest adorned the large room. At first I didn’t see the mayor but then she arrose from behind her giant desk and offered a warm smile and a namaste. We were invited to sit and conversation ensued, Dr. Anil Shrestha (who you will be hearing a lot more about) took the lead and staged the conversation. Mayor Dahal is a tiny young lady with the presence of an elephant. It was fascinating to see the way she commanded the room in such a gracious way and it quickly became clear why she was in her post. I’m not entirely sure if Dr Shrestha was deliberately translating my drivel in a way to please but the nodding and smiling was making me feel better…(then again all anyone does over here is nod and smile so maybe 🤔).


The reason for the visit was to thank the mayor as she has agreed to donate the land for the spinal unit. Funding for rehabilitation in Nepal is virtually non existent as the governments primary focus at the moment is parturition, and rightfully so as infant mortality rates are as high as 50% in some regions. The limited resources mean however that other areas will suffer and rehabilitation is last on the agenda. Rehab always falls behind acute care in funding but in the UK we have enough resources to provide a decent level of care and at the end of the day we have the NHS! Over here next to nothing filters through to rehab and it proves an area in desperate need of support. With that in mind to receive the land is an unbelievable result and all credit to the hard work that Anil and the rest of the team are doing.


p.s. Lois has a new girl crush.

P.p.s. Pleased to say that I am still yet to fart on a mayor.😅👌

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