Day 619

Crispin & Kabuto


A few months ago I was weaving my way through the West Country when the phone rang. No number. Oh here we go another PPI salesman or prank call I thought. I picked up anyway out of interest. Im glad I did.

This is Crispin. Crispin is the founder and owner of @kabuto_noodles . Crispin wasn’t calling me to sell me lunch, he was calling because we have something in common…

After exchanging pleasantries he went on to tell me… ’On August 25th 2016 I’d been on a summer holiday in Portugal. I got up to play with the kids in the river, ran in, and dived. I felt the horrible noise of an impact as I hit my head. I lay there, floating, stunned and unable to move. Minutes later, I was lying on the beach again with people asking me if I could move my hands and feet. They told me to stay still and that an ambulance was on its way. After a 3 hour trip to the hospital, I was lying on the gurney in the corner of an empty room. The Portuguese doctor told me that I’d broken my neck; my C2 vertebrae – sometimes called “the hangman’s break.” But incredibly I hadn’t damaged my spinal cord. It was a clean break, and I should recover. I remember the fear waiting for the Doctor, just hoping it wasn’t at the horrible end of the scale. I promised myself that if it was a lucky result I would realise how fortunate I was and that I would appreciate life and all the things we take for granted.’

This story is unfortunately very familiar to me now and although the outcomes may differ from person to person anyone who has been through this can relate to those moments of fear as you anticipate the worst.

We chatted for over an hour and it didn’t take long to realise that we didn’t just share a similar accident we shared similar values, passions and hobbies (a bit like that moment in the film step brothers). I explained what my plans are for the coming year and Crispin said that as a company Kabuto would like to be involved and help however they can.

Getting to know both Crispin and everything he and Kabuto stand for I am now proud to say that we will be teaming up for a number of exciting projects in 2019. The noodles just happen to bloody good too!

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