Day 741

Get sh*t done and be happy

With only six weeks to go until we attempt to summit Italys highest peak, it’s a race against time to get this two stroke Diesel engine in good enough shape to drag me to the top (and back hopefully).


Firstly I love training, that’s not my problem. My problem is working out how, when and where to train to maximise results. Recently I had a little re-jig of my life as I realised that with my current commitments I was going to really struggle to get what I needed done. I know people with busier lives than me that train more, but I know my limitations and how far I can stretch myself before other aspects of my life suffer. Professional sport and more recently recovery has taught me two important things about output:

  1. Peoples output capacity varies.
  2. You’re probably working at no where near capacity.

Most people aspire to be like someone else, at least in certain aspects of their life. Luckily everyone has a perfect, amazing life, just look at instagram… 👀. I certainly know people who work ridiculous hours and somehow find the time to also be the fittest, strongest person in the room, but they probably don’t have a social life. The key is to stop caring what everyone else is doing and do whats right for you.


Whats is right for you? Good question. Obviously that depends on your goals but for me fitness is both physical and mental. There’s no point being an ironman if you’re miserable. What people often don’t realise though is that with some honesty, a well planned approach and a bit of drive it is possible to achieve your goals and have mates…


Over the next few posts I’m going to cover the various physical, mental and social approaches i’m employing to get shit done and be happy in the build up to Gran Paradiso…


p.s. I’m not doing an Ironman. Yet.


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