Day 743

GP prep: Training


6 weeks until I attempt my toughest climb to date, things are being stepped up a notch.


The issue iv’e always had is being able to push my heart rate hard enough to get quick hits of fitness. In those fleeting moments during the off season when I wasn’t on a stag doo you would be able to find me on the hill behind my house doing sprints. Why? Good question. Probably partly trying to exorcise the demons from the last visit to Ibiza but also because I could really see some gains with just 20mins work a day. Unfortunately hill sprints are now off the menu, as is being able to push myself hard enough on a rower, watt bike or any of those beautiful torture devices. So what to turn to?


Well the obvious one is steep hill walking, which I love, but it’s both time consuming and pisses off old knee and ankle injuries if done every day. Most of my conditioning therefore is done off feet in the form of circuit training. I have some suspension straps hanging outside the back door and between them and a low wall I can get a total body workout done that keeps my heart rate above 150bpm for anywhere between 25mins – 1hr depending on how much coffee I’ve had. When I have time I also go across to Starks Fitness in Bristol to use their track and prowler. Chuck in physio and my week at the moment looks something like:

  • 5 x prehab / rehab (boring but necessary, usually tag on before or after gym)
  • 4 x circuit / weight session
  • 1-2 x swim
  • 2 x physio with Kim/Pete
  • 2 x 2-3 mile walk
  • 2 x 6+ mile walk

My training goals have obviously changed since rugby. Carrying 18 stone of muscle up a mountain when you’ve only got one functioning leg just wouldn’t work…at least that’s what I tell myself 😫.


Circuits or super sets of 8-10 reps with active or no rest. 30mins 4 x a week and you’re laughing. There’s no excuse as you could literally do it in your kitchen. If you’re stuck check out @leansquad for some ideas.


Training is just one piece of the puzzle, sleep, nutrition and mindfulness are the others…. stay tuned. ✌️

Day 743 GP prep

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