Day 759

This is my cousin Emily

There is a long history of cancer on the female side of my family. My aunty lost her long battle in her forties, and her grandmother and great grandmother before that. Because of the genetic risk posed it was suggested to my cousin Emily that having children could be risky. Hormone changes can act as triggers to people carrying this particular genome but did this put Emily off, of course not, and i’m glad it didn’t. Agnus and Isaac are two of the kindest, happy and outgoing kids you will ever meet, they make even the grumpiest . After Agnus was born Emily decided to have a double mastectomy and it was done, two beautiful children and no cancer.


A few months ago a cancerous lump was found in Emilys chest.


Emily never complains, she doesn’t feel sorry for herself or have any regrets. Six months of chemotherapy followed by a big operation and radiotherapy is no laughing matter and if you ask me warrants a winge, but you try and get one out of her. She’s quite happy to sit there with me and take the piss out of her hair but having already lost her mum to this cruel disease I can’t imagine the strength it is taking to be so stoic. One thing I do know is that she is drawing strength from those around her. She has an amazing husband and two beautiful children that act as her driving force and believe me when you have so much to live for its very hard to die.


The positivity, the drive and the resilience of this lady inspire me every day and I have no doubt that this time cancer has met its match.


This is my cousin Emily and she is the strongest person I know.

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