Day 768

Stay in the fight

The curve of improvement is now a shallow one. Years down the line and months pass with seemingly no change. It’s easy to forget to stay in the fight, but persevere you must…


A couple of weeks ago on a wet Monday evening i stared out from the back door across the lawn and contemplated how I would retrieve my phone from the car without drowning on route. The key of course would be speed, which incase you hadn’t noticed is not my forte. I put my trainers on and burst out of the blocks like an arthritic tortoise. Five minutes later I reached the car and that’s when it hit me. I was stood staring at my feet in disbelief. I didn’t have my foot splint on!

Since the accident there has been one piece of equipment I have never been able to do without. One last device that renders me a cyborg. I have had no power to my ankle on the left side since day 1 and without my foot splint it is almost impossible to walk. Over two years without a flicker and all of a sudden my foot was lifting itself, #£$%&  #!%£*!

In hospital I was first told that i would make no further recovery after sixth months, then when I got out of my wheelchair a few said that it was more like a year. Well here’s proof of something I’ve always believed, the hard work is still paying off.


Don’t give up, stay in the fight, change is coming.

Stay in the fightt
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