Day 879

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As I sit here staring out of the window of the train on my way back to Bristol from giving a key note speech in Manchester I cant help but feel content.


First it started with hospitals, then schools and before I knew it people were actually offering me money to tell my story. I found this baffling, in fact I definitely had a case of imposter syndrome walking into companies like Microsoft and Facebook. Who the hell wants to hear me chat about diving in the wrong end of a swimming pool, I just couldn’t get my head around it. I was missing the point though, it wasn’t the accident that people resonated with it was the recovery. ‘How can he possibly be stood there happier than when he was a professional sportsman..?’


Every time I recount my story I realise something else it has taught me. Picking back through all the things that have come to pass and the lessons I have learned still baffles me but more and more I come to understand the process’s behind my recovery. Turns out you don’t have to face a life changing moment to change your life. There’s method to the madness and I love to share those methods with people. ✌️




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