Day 996

Time for a change?

It’s about this time of January that most people give up on their resolutions…but don’t worry, I don’t like resolutions either…

The word resolution makes out that you intend to do something. I prefer change. And why should you have to wait until next January to fail at another resolution when you can make a change whenever you want..

Uncertainty is against our human nature, resistance to change is effectively a natural instinct. Sometimes change is out of our hands and sometimes it’s necessary but if you think about it we rarely make changes unless we’re forced to. We get comfortable because we feel safe with what we know, even if we’re not necessarily happy with it. Often life can just become coping. My relationship with change has shifted over the last couple of years and taught me something pretty seismic about myself; that actually I’m not who I thought I was… I was so caught up in who society dictated I should be, that I never had a chance to discover me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still the same idiot, I’m still Ed, but my expectations, personal limitations and outlook on life is now very different. I may have been forced into a situation where I’ve had to question who I am and what I really want but not being able to avoid that question has made me realise the power of asking it.

If you’re doing something because life has led you there let 2020 be the year, actually no; let tomorrow be the day that you question whether that’s actually what you wanted in the first place. If it is, great. If it isn’t, it’s never too late to make a change. Follow your passion. Do something you care about. Why? Because life’s too short to live somebody else’s dream.

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