Day 1036

Can you practice positivity?

I still find myself wondering how I managed to stay positive. The answer is that I didn’t, not all of the time. I just have to read some of my diary entries and blogs back to realise that. Over time however I learnt to manage my negative thoughts and even turn them into positive ones.


It was fight or flight and I knew that negativity was counter productive to my recovery, so i started to develop ways to fight it, I had to. Productive distractions, fear setting and eventually mindfulness played their part but the most powerful was, and still is, reframing. Reframing is simply just looking at a situation with a different perspective in order to turn it into a positive. I didnt have any experience with psychology or mental techniques, in fact if anyone had said i should try reframing i probably would have thought they were talking about art or windows. At the time my mind was just finding ways to survive. What i find really interesting though is that after practicing it for long enough reframing has become something almost completely subconscious and as a result I’m more positive now without even noticing it.


Bad things happen and negative thoughts are natural, in fact for most of us they’re more common than positive ones. What this says to me though is that a situation is only negative if you look at it that way. That sounds easy, it isn’t, but it is possible. All i learned to do was step away from the issue emotionally and ask; why is this good? Then force myself to find an answer. And believe me when i say that an answer to that question can be found in any negative situation, even the most mundane. For example, someone cuts you up on the way to work; your automatic reaction would tend to lean towards a lot of expletives, but look at it differently and you see an opportunity to practice self control. You stay calm, and then you feel good about yourself for doing so.


It’s difficult at first but like anything with time and repetitions it eventually becomes subconscious, until the point that every day seems a more positive one. ✌️

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