3 Years

The New Normal

So I’m 3 today! Well technically I’m a little older than that but do you know what, it’s the first time since my accident I’ve reflected back and can’t really remember what life was like before April 8th 2017. It’s amazing how life ebbs, flows and sometimes does U-turns but eventually, without fail, everything becomes ‘normal’ again. 

I do know that I’ve changed though, I have fundamentally become a happier person. That might sound bizarre following a life changing injury that has taken me from a professional sportsman and left me with the motor function of a wingless daddy longlegs, but it’s true. On paper I’m way worse off; bladder and bowel issues, regular spasms, temperature regulation problems, I’m weaker, poorer, lighter + fatter (bad combo), but I became happier…why? 

I finally understood that life isn’t on paper, it was in my head. It wasn’t about what I had, it was about who I was, and that was a choice. Life can take things away from you, it can test you, lord knows some are being tested to the limits now. Life can make things truly shit, it can change your life and take people from you, but it cant control who you are. You own that. 

I truly believe that at the end of the day we can chose to be happy, chose to be positive, chose to be whoever we want despite what happens to us. There’s bad times and there’s good times and it’s ok to be sad or angry for a bit but always remember that things will become ’normal’ in time and then all we have left is who we’ve chosen to be.

Happy Easter 

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