Day 1300

The Power Of Insignificance

This time last year I was sat staring at these mountains learning something new, now I choose to look at them every day to remind myself what they taught me.

For a first timer into the high Himalayas it’s often hard to comprehend what you’re looking at. I remember just staring up in awe at the giant peaks, struggling to make sense of the scale of things. The longer I spent there and the longer I stared, the deeper my emotions would run. I felt humble, calm and strangely spiritual but most of all I had an overwhelming sense of insignificance. Those mountains were significant, huge and incomprehensibly old. I had never felt so tiny and fleeting, I was literally a spec of dust in comparison and my stay on this earth was going to amount to the equivalent of a blink of an eye compared to theirs…The question is why was that realisation empowering and not scary?

I’ve thought a lot about the power of insignificance. I don’t mean on a micro scale, of course you can be significant and impactful to those around you from day to day. But on a macro level, we will all leave this earth and eventually fade away to nothing, not even a memory. Maybe it should but that doesn’t make me feel sad, it makes me feel free. To me it means that I am free to make whatever I want of this life. I’m free to take chances, chase dreams and choose happiness. I’m free to spend these few moments on earth with the people I love, doing the things I love and helping others realise that they can do the same. Why? Because in the end it all doesn’t really matter. The promotion, the title, the bonus, non of it matters. Live the life YOU want to live. ✌️

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