The Simple Things

The simple things in life are often the most rewarding but if you experience something enough times it’s very easy to start taking it for granted. From time to time I experience something again for the first time. I know, by definition it cant be the first time ‘again’ but believe me when you re-discover things it can often be even better than the actual first time. I’ve had a few of these moments since my accident; moving, feeding myself, standing, taking steps were all huge moments on the journey but often it’s the little things that surprise you.

I’m writing this because one of those magical surprises happened again a few days ago. It’s my fourth year since my accident and although most of the breakthroughs happened in the first year I continue to re-discover the joy in lots of little bits of magic that I had completely over looked in my previous ‘able-bodied’ life. This time it was the feeling of moving quickly again. You take for granted the ability to run, ride a bike, slide down a ski slope or even just pick up your walking pace to overtake someone on the pavement. It wasn’t until I rode the bike for the first time ‘again’ the other day that it really hit home just how slow I’ve been moving for the last few years and how much i’d missed that feeling. The wind on my face, the vibration of the gravel beneath me, the ability to just move is something I will never take for granted again.

I feel lucky to have a second chance to re-discover these things that on reflection I should never have taken for granted in the first place. Be present and appreciate the little things because life is full of magic and if you stop admiring that magic it may just disappear.

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