Motivational Talks

Purpose, Perseverance, Progress

Ed Jackson

Ed has a truly motivational story to tell. His presentation style is confident yet humble as he takes you through his journey from being a professional rugby player to becoming quadriplegic, how the movement of his big toe reduced a hospital room of people to tears and the strength and determination he put into not only surviving in his situation but thriving.


  • Embracing and overcoming adversity
  • Positive mindset through reframing
  • Maximising potential in limited circumstances
  • Resilience
  • Perspective
  • Managing Fear
  • Increased productivity through goal setting and habit formations

“Made a tangible impact on my staff who were hugely complimentary  about Ed’s inspirational talk. Highly recommend for any team going through a period of change or transformation”

Gareth Nokes| Chief Financial Officer | Aspen

“Ed truly has an amazing story to tell and his presentation style is confident yet humble which made for a great keynote talk that was enthused over by all attendees.”

Natasha Preocanin | Associate Director | In-house Recruitment Network

“Very inspiring talk from Ed Jackson at Microsoft yesterday. Incredible story, amazing what can be achieved with the right mind set and determination. Highly recommend”

Iwan Evans | Director Customer Programs | Microsoft