Ed Jackson

Affliction breeds adaptation. Adaptation gives rise to growth

Ed Jackson

About Ed

In 2017, Ed was revived three times in the back of an ambulance. He had just broken his neck and was to wake up to the news he had changed the course of his life forever. After a misjudged dive into a swimming pool, Ed was now a quadriplegic.

Millimetres 2 Mountains

My Journey from the first few days in intensive care to who knows where

Motivational Talks

Resilience, growth mindset, positivity and reframing are all topics that Ed specialises in. He has a powerful story and a unique ability to find a positive in everything.

Ed Jackson

Founder of Millimetres 2 Mountains, Ambassador: Berghaus, Wings 4 Life, Restart Rugby, Forever Friends. C4 Rugby Reporter, Key Note Speaker

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